Why Am I Cursed?

This is kind of deep but stay with me.  I am not a pastor, minister or prophet of any kind so this is the answer given to me by the Holy Spirit during my years of soul-searching and trying to understand why certain cycles repeat in my family generation after generation.

First off, God did not curse me.  My sins and the sins of my fathers are forgiven.  Period.  It took me years to stop having a grudge against God.  I thought I was doomed to have a pitiful life no matter what I did.  And I thought God forced me to live a pitiful life and pay for my mother’s sins.

Two Important Facts:

1.  God does not curse families

Our sins are forgiven, to be remembered no more.  All we have to do is ask.

2.  We bring curses on ourselves by our own actions and God sometimes allows this

Let me say that Satan cannot read my mind and has no idea what I’m thinking or planning unless I manifest my thoughts through writing or speech.  He just keeps trying a bunch of keys until he finds something that works.  Baseball keeps you from going to church- BINGO!  You won’t leave the house in anything less than a full face of makeup?- BINGO!  Satan gets most of his power from us, believe it or not.  And the worst part is that we give it to him!  Here is where the belief in family curses comes into play:

Our continued suffering is mostly the natural effects of sin.  It’s called free will.  If you play soccer in the middle of a busy street and get hit by a truck, was it because God wanted to punish you or because you were playing in traffic?  The natural effect of playing in traffic is to get hit by a vehicle.  Really, we blame God way too much and give Satan too much credit.  If  you spend 20 years doing drugs and neglecting your children, there are bound to be some natural repercussions.  Your son may rebel against authority, not because God is punishing you but because your son lost respect for you and found acceptance in the wrong crowd.  Your daughter may become promiscuous, not because God wants you to suffer but because she craves a  masculine form of affection that she never got from her father.  This is not God’s doing or God’s fault.  This is just plain old cause and effect. (See ‘Cycle of the Weak-willed Woman’)

When Satan identifies a weakness in you he will ride it until the wheels fall off.  When you get married he’ll try that key on your spouse, your kids, your friends, etc.  Hey, he’s persistent.  And he knows the power of suggestion.  The word “can’t” stops a lot of progress.  When a stronghold stops working he will abandon it.  Satan is very observant.  Many of us are slaves to the same vices and the same addictions simply because they still work. Period. 

Resist the Devil, and he will flee from you. -James 4:7


5 thoughts on “Why Am I Cursed?

  1. Wow! This was well wriiten. This is very true and my mentor(My God mother) told me this very same thing that you’re writing about. Once, Satan knows our weakness he will play on that–Which causes us to act outside of God’s will for our life. I love this post. Continue writing the Truth–It’s our only outlet for being Honest with the World But mostly-Ourselves!! Especially, when we can’t or won’t say it out loud.

    God Bless you,
    *Ms. Spicy

    • God bless you. Your God Mother sounds like a very wise woman, and so are you for receiving her advice. Some of us women don’t value our elder mothers anymore.

      • She is very wise-Listening to her as she guide me by the scriptures is the only way im going to mature in Christ. If she don’t teach me-Who will?! 🙂 That’s why I love her. & that’s true- At one point I didn’t value mine..well, until I came back with scars and THEN was ready to listen to her. But, I’m grateful that I listened late than never.

  2. Well written. It ruffles my feathers to hear people blame God for the misfortunes in their lives. If it is God that cause these life disasters to happen, what does the devil do? Not to mention, as you stated, most of the time these mishaps are the result of the natural cause and effect of us having free will. Thank you for sharing!
    Love and light to you.

    • Hi Toi. Thank you for reading. I guess it’s easier to blame God when you find yourself face to face with the consequence of one’s actions. That’s human nature.

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