Me?  I’m just a woman.


I love God with all my heart and my intention is to show you just how much He loves us. 

I grew up in a dysfunctional family and my childhood was peppered with the effects of drug addiction, alcoholism, domestic violence, promiscuity and poverty.  The result: a family headed by a long line of unmarried, unhappy women who love God but struggle every single day with the choices they have made in life.  Rather than watch my generation repeat the same mistakes I am compelled to pray and act.  My plan is to educate my generation of family, especially the women.  Why the women?  Because I am a woman and I firmly believe that since God made our precious wombs the gateway of life on this earth we have a responsibility to protect life and see it grow. 

By the grace of God, I broke several of those cycles in my own life.  God has helped me to decycle my life, and He can do the same for you, too.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. God Bless you for wanting to share your experiences to help the next Woman! I personally feel that us Women would be much better individuals if we took the time out to listen to each others Victories, and Struggles. & I truly mean listen–Because, believe it or not–We can learn so much from each other’s life and uplift each other when the we’re going through our own personal struggles. If we don’t take a stand for something-We can rest assure we will fall for anything.

    God Bless,
    *Ms. Spicy

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