The Preview

I have not written anything for a long time. Not even in my journal. My life has changed dramatically. All for the good. I am super busy nowadays.

A little over a year ago I met a wonderful man of God. We have been married for 3 months now.  We had a small ceremony at our church with my immediate family and some friends present.  His family lives in Washington state and they weren’t present. They opted to wait for our bigger ceremony in April of next year.

My kids love him. My mom says he is a good man. He even passed my uncle’s inspection.  I passed his mother’s grilling and now she loves me. His family is great. Most importantly, God gave us his blessing. My friend says he is my Boaz.  She’s absolutely right.

It wasn’t easy trusting another man at first, in light of the infidelity in my first marriage.  Ironically, he and I have that pain in common. His ex-wife left him for another man and had been unfaithful for most of their marriage. Having this in common helps us to be gentle and patient with each other.  We are bonding quite nicely.

I will be writing more about my Boaz and what it feels like to have God flip the script on you just out of the blue.

(Spoiler alert: it feels awesome!!)


3 thoughts on “The Preview

  1. OMG!!!! I am sooooo happy for you!! God is good EVEN in our Dry Seasons. Experiencing JOY AFTER THE PAIN is beyond exciting. You went through for a reason….Congrats on your NEW MARRIAGE & I pray that God bless you to throughout the years . As long as Christ is in the middle NOTHING & NO ONE can come between y’all. Love ya Ma’am & wish you NOTHING but happiness!!!

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