A quick note…

I just wanted to slide in here for a sec and share something. There have been times in my life when I prayed and waited to hear from God on specific issues.  Just when I thought I had His answer I realized that I didn’t recognize the sound of my Father’s voice because I went a long time without talking to him much.  That’s my fault.  I would waver back and forth like a palm tree in a hurricane because I just couldn’t understand what God was trying to show me.

If you’re waiting to hear from God on something, don’t give up!  Pray and ask Him to speak to you so that you can understand.  He created your mind and He knows very well how to reach you if he needs to.  Personally, I knew it was God speaking when I had a feeling He had answered me but I was unsure.  So I prayed for confirmation and that is exactly what I got.  And in several different ways from several different sources.  God knows I have trust issues so he sent the memo like 20 times because He knew it would take that much to get through to me.

I am at peace.  I know it sounds silly, given my particular burden but God has given me a peace about my decision and I know that it is His will.  I am actually relieved to not have to struggle, guess, wonder, and do work that wasn’t bearing any fruit anymore.  It was a long journey and I am taking a much needed break.  They say you go through the 5 stages of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance) when you go through a divorce or broken marriage.  That is very true.  I am at acceptance.  It took awhile for me to get to this point but letting go was the best thing to do.  It is far from easy to let go of a friendship of almost 20 years.  That is more than half my life.  But I keep it together and take things as they come.  I have no worries.

I am still standing and I will continue as long as Christ says so.

God Bless 🙂


4 thoughts on “A quick note…

  1. Its a blessing when receive confirmation on what you should do. I agree when you said you no longer have to struggle, guess or wonder what it is between you two. You know its over & im so happy that you now have peace. Theres no greater peace than the peace that God gives us.

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