Insincere vs. Unrepentant

Here’s a question. I’d love to have your honest answers and not quoted scripture. I’m asking for your personal thoughts and feelings.

Whom would you find it EASIEST to forgive: Someone who repeats the same offense against you hundreds of times and gives a teary apology every time OR one who has committed a single horrible offense against you and is not sorry and maybe even bragging about it?


4 thoughts on “Insincere vs. Unrepentant

  1. Great question. As for me, I’d say the first one because, even though that person may repeat th same thing hundreds of times…the fact that remains the same is that–The person is sorry. On the other hand–What hurts more than someone who isn’t sorry–Is someone who brag about it.

    • I thought the same thing Ms. Spicy. I’ve been wondering about how Jesus forgave his captors even as they were gambling and laughing at the foot of the cross after torturing him. Oh to tap into that kind of power!

  2. This is a tough one, something I’ve experienced myself. I won’t try to tell you what you should do. I will only say that forgiveness isn’t about them. Its a gift you give yourself.

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