Black Women Deserve To Be Disrespected

Black women deserve to be disrespected because they don’t even respect themselves?  This is what society would have us think.  Black women continue to be a running joke for many people: angry, loud, abrasive, combative, lazy, needy, materialistic… the list goes on forever.  Even with the existence of shows like Jersey Shore and Housewives of Orange County where white or otherwise non-Black women fight, scream, curse, manipulate and spend tons of money, somehow Black women are still largely viewed as an embarrassment to womanhood and to the Black race.  Shows like Maury Povich, which almost always features Black women and men who make poor life choices, keep this BS going.  Black women deserve to be disrespected.  Says who?  I’m so glad you asked!

Black men.

Do a YouTube search of “Black women”.  Brace yourself.  It’s ugly and hateful.  Video after video talking about why Black women can’t find a man, why they don’t get married, why society doesn’t take them seriously.  Suggestions like ‘sit down and shut up’ to ‘just accept that you will always be single’ are given freely by BLACK MEN.  Yes.  Black men are on YouTube making videos about how much they hate Black women and why.  And then there are hundreds of comments on these videos from other men (presumably Black men) agreeing, and even throwing in a few very degrading and derogatory remarks for good measure.  These same men have Black mothers, sisters and grandmothers.  Some even mention their daughters.  This scares me.  These men are raising boys to be men who “think” as they do and believe as they believe.  It spreads like a deadly infection through families and communities.  I made myself so sick from watching these videos one day I just logged off and cried.  My heart was heavy for days afterward.  I had to fast and pray to get that spirit off my back.   It was that bad.

I could probably write a book on why these particular Black men choose to blame their women for every single thing that’s not right with the Black family.  That would be a waste of time and energy.  All I know is that having a man of your own race degrade you because of your race is both unsettling and infuriating.  It’s like watching a lion eat a lioness.  It’s unnatural.  And there are just as many videos of Black women spewing hatred of Black men.  What are we doing?  Of all the worries in the Black community, of all the threats to our growth and well-being this is THE deadliest of threats.  We are destroying ourselves from the inside out and laying out poisonous traps for future generations to find and ingest.  THIS HAS GOT TO STOP!

It’s no secret that women as a whole (myself included) need to have more self-respect and be the women that God created us to be.  I said women as a whole.  Anybody with eyes can see that these issues are not exclusive to any one race or culture.  Women everywhere are lacking CLASS (CLothes on your ASS).  And I know it’s because we sometimes think no one cares about a woman’s character anymore.  It’s all about sex now, some might say.  It kills me to see Black women buying into the lie that they’re worthless and unlovable.  They become discouraged and then they lower their standards by giving love to a man who doesn’t know how or want to love them back. 

Listen up! I want women everywhere, all my sisters of all colors, to know that the world is corrupt.  Our Father in heaven sees the huge burden we shoulder now.  Somebody reading this right now is shouldering a burden that a man should have, but refused to carry.  Know that God is not pleased because this is not the plan He has for your life.  And God holds Adam responsible first, then Eve.  These men are in for a rude awakening.

Do not lower your standards!  Do not believe the lies!  Chin up, chest out!  You are worth much more than you could ever know.  Says who?  I’m so glad you asked. 

God says so.  That’s who!


5 thoughts on “Black Women Deserve To Be Disrespected

  1. Wow!!! Yet again, you’ve educated me even the more. I knew that some Black men hated Black women but never to this!!!
    Truthfully, it don’t shock me at all because, of the way the world is going–Like you said, nowadays its all about sex. & for that reason everyone is getting involved in relationships with hidden motives. It scares me to Love in this world BUT when God in my life I know that he will provide the right Man for me. Even though majority Men are living a carefree life without restraint–My soul mate is out there;)

    • Hey thanks for reading! At my age one thing I have learned is that cowards always look for scapegoats. Real men know that a properly loved woman is a happy woman. You are a wise woman and you will definitely find the right man. Ask God to give you wisdom in choosing a husband because honestly a man only gets as far as a woman will let him 🙂

  2. *Thank You Lady T. & I’ve definitely asked for wisdom in that area. With the way the world is going I need all the wisdom I can get. Lol.
    Im still staying focused & Trusting in God through the process. One thing you can rest assure is that I shall NOT settle for less because, the world is headed in a bad direction as far as, Relationships. I shall continue to stand for something which is Christ–Rather than fall for anyrhing just to have a Man.

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