Ladies, Pray For Our Men


Pray for your men.  Our men. 

God created men to be the head and not the tail.  The world wants to flip that.  Many of our men are not in their rightful places either because of circumstances beyond their control or because of their own choosing.  Either way, they need us to pray for them.  We are the helpmates.  We are God’s gift to them.  Created from a rib, closest thing to a man’s heart, we know his needs even better than he does. God gave men a huge responsibility in making him the leader of his family.  But God also provided help (women).  It is our duty to be helpmates.  Though I know this is sometimes easier said than done, God created us for this purpose and he gave us the tools.  Don’t let the world tell you anything to the contrary.  When we get weary, we are to go directly to God and petition for our men.

Men are vulnerable.  Yes, they are vulnerable. They sometimes have tunnel vision.  They have to be that way sometimes because they carry a very heavy load in life and sometimes emotions can cause them to become weary.  They are taskmasters by nature.  Women can see around corners.  We are made this way so that we can have their backs and protect their hearts.  As a man’s rib, you are closest to his heart and no one else will know how to pray for a man like a woman.  Believe and remember that the devil is out to get your man.  It’s so serious out here in this world.  We women need to do more praying and less complaining.  More encouraging and less criticizing.  More building up and less tearing down.  When he makes you want to choke him, hug him instead. When our men suffer, we suffer.  Our children and families suffer.  Society suffers.  They are being challenged left and right from the moment they wake up in the morning to the second their head hits the pillow at night.  Your father, husband, brother, boss, co-worker, son, neighbor, boyfriend, cousin, etc.  Pray for them.  They need us.


3 thoughts on “Ladies, Pray For Our Men

  1. You hit the nail on head again with this one Lady T. You’re so right. We really do have to pray for our Men. I’m seeing too many men walking away from their families, neglecting their responsibilities as fathers, & some just overall have an I dont care attitude about their life. Our Men need strength to live in this life, just as us Women need strength to deal with our Men. If he cease to pray, we will loose the battle.

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