Dear God, do you know what time it is?


I love my mom but she can smother me a bit sometimes.  If she doesn’t hear from me every single day, she worries.  Let more than one day go by and she panics.  I mean really panics.  She will call my in-laws, friends, you name it.  She watches too many crime shows and thinks that I may have either snapped or am spread out on the kitchen floor in a pool of my own blood.  She will call me up to a dozen times a day until she hears from me.  Even at 6 am when I’m just waking the kids up for school, or at 11:00 pm when I’m just dozing off after putting my last load of laundry in the dryer.  Honestly I do get pissed off sometimes and wonder if she ever looks at the clock before she calls people.  I was just thinking of how God can be the same way- only not obsessively panicked.

I love talking to God at the weirdest times.  In the car, in line at the store, in the shower… anytime I can grab a free minute or two.  It’s like mental texting.  I go to God with EVERYTHING!  I’ll be at the store and literally say, “God, I’m tired and I have cramps but I want the kids to eat something healthy.  Help me out here. Please?”  He comes through, too!  “Chicken wraps it is!  Thank you Jesus!”  He has a sense of humor too.  I’ll say something like, “God, I’m ghetto and I really don’t wanna have to slap this woman right now but she’s almost there!  Please help me control my flesh!”.  Then God will whisper something like, “Are you bold enough to slap my child right in front of me?”  I know, right?  He knows exactly what to say to stop me in my tracks.

But no matter how often I talk to Him, He likes to wake me up at 2, 3, 4 o’clock in the morning.  I know it’s him too cuz I wake up feeling like someone put their hand on my arm to gently awaken me.  And I always wake up with the same song in my ear- ‘He Reigns’ by Schachah.  He knows that song is my favorite.  I don’t know why he does this but I learned to stop complaining about it long ago.  All I used to do was count up the precious minutes of sleep I was losing, and lay there being mad.  Eventually I would fall asleep just 30 minutes before my alarm went off.  Talk about mad! 

Then one day for some reason it occurred to me that somebody loves me so much that they want to talk to me RIGHT NOW.  And that feels good.  Very good.  Sometimes he does all the talking.  Sometimes I give him everything that is weighing on my mind.  Sometimes I just start thanking him for all kinds of blessings.  Now when he wakes me up I quietly say, “Hi, Abba”, and smile.


5 thoughts on “Dear God, do you know what time it is?

  1. This is beautiful!! I have ongoing conversations all day long with Him every single day. He’s my best friend. He has never never let me down. I will be re-reading this post.

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