35 Reasons to Praise God

I’m not sure how the posting time zones work on wordpress but my 35th birthday is on April 22.  As most people do on their birthday, I have reflected on the road I traveled this past year and just through my life in general.  Mostly I just looked in the mirror and thanked my Mom for passing the good genes.  Black don’t crack!

I had a rough childhood but it could have been way worse.  I was pretty pissed off about this up until I graduated college.  Now I know that the things I suffered made me a more loving, sensitive and responsible mother to my own children.  For that reason alone, it was all worth it.  I don’t have much to write about trials and tribulations.  Most of that will come out as I continue to blog about the women in my family, including myself.  I thank God for sticking so close all these years and protecting me and loving me.  Never once has He let me down.

What I can say is that in the past year alone I have learned A LOT about Jesus, myself, marriage, motherhood and the world.  I know it sounds funny but I finally feel like a grown ass woman.  I mean, I have pretty much felt grown since I was a kid taking on adult responsibilities.  That’s why I have what the old folks call an “old soul”.  But this year I feel like I have come into my own.  I have been to hell and back and I emerged as a different woman- much wiser, more loving toward myself and protective of my heart.  I see the mistakes I’ve been making for years and a warm feeling washes over me like I’m laid out on Venice Beach.  I don’t feel ashamed or stupid for the bad choices I have made because I needed those mistakes to become a woman. A few things I have discovered about myself and the world around me:

  1. I give my heart away too quickly to people who don’t deserve to have it.
  2. I let too many little things bother me.
  3. I am a sexy, vibrant woman with a great figure (even after giving birth to 5 babies!)
  4. People who demand respect turn me off.
  5. People who command respect turn me on.
  6. I seem to equate fun and leisure time with irresponsibility.  Gotta change that!
  7. I deny myself simple pleasures because I don’t feel worthy.
  8. I have HUGE daddy issues!
  9. The world detests morals.
  10. Working for someone’s love and affection is a dead-end job.
  11. Compliments make me more uncomfortable than insults.  It’s true!
  12. Male friends suddenly campaign for boyfriend status when you become single.

At 35 years old I now live life the way I want to.  I do what comes naturally to me now, but I always check with God first because I could seriously screw my life up if I don’t.  Even my reasons for doing certain things have changed.  I have reclaimed energy wasted on ungrateful people and began using if for myself and my children. I feel so free!  No longer do I have to sacrifice my happiness to make people like me or love me.  Either they do or they don’t.  I can make an executive decision and tell people to stay out of my business. 

I’m grown!


6 thoughts on “35 Reasons to Praise God

  1. I am only 22 but I have to agree that I have also learned a lot over the past year, including getting over some anger about the crap I had to deal with growing up. The ability to let go of those things dragging us down is hard to come by, but when you manage to find it and take a load off your shoulders, the feeling is incredible. It sounds like you broke through a lot lately. keep up the great work and keep praying and smiling.

  2. Let me personally say that I love this post. I too, have had a strong epiphany about some things in my life where I’ve messed up, and some improvements that need to be made. What we’ve done is Simply- Learned ourselves just a little bit more which makes maturing seem a lot more exciting than just verbally saying we’re mature. I Thank God for the Rain he shower down in my life because, without it we would probably think we did everything right, and never made any mistakes. The Rain exposes just how dirty we really are in the Flesh; but in the same token helps to wash away impurities once the problems in our life are identified. I know it may be hard to believe but I only turned 20;) & yes we bonded for a reason:) An “Old Soul” is definitely what MANY people say that I have:) I embrace my old soul in the right fashion now-At times we all know that, that soul can get a bit out of control.

    God Bless,
    *Ms. Spicy

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