Jesus passed it around

Don’t get it twisted! Jesus passed the bread and the wine.

During the last supper, Jesus instructed the disciples to share wine and bread in remembrance of Him and of the sacrifice He was about to make. Today I was meditating on this and I realized that our Father wanted us to partake in His grace and love and then share it with others. Share. Hand it off to the next man.

We partake but often forget to pass. I know I do. Share Jesus’ plan of salvation with those you closest to you, at the dinner table and the conference table. You can’t make a man eat but offer it to him and Jesus will take it from there.  Only Jesus can make you hunger and thirst for Him.

Don’t forget your brother to the left and to the right of you. You are accountable for him being introduced to Jesus– or not.


5 thoughts on “Jesus passed it around

  1. Hey my Sister, found you via YouVersion. Glad I did. I visited just in time for a good old stirring. One I needed. If I had to walk away with just one word, it would be – OFFER. That’s all we/I have to do is to offer. He’s got the rest and it is on me to do my part.

    Thank you, thank you.

  2. Oh man, this is my second time trying to leave a message – hope it works this time. WordPress, argh!

    Nonetheless, hello my Sister. 🙂 Just wanted to say I popped over here via YouVersion. Glad to connect there, by the way. In my previous message that didn’t work, I stated I was glad I happened upon your site today because this post really spoke to me. It stirred something within and as a writer, I always want to MOVE someone. You did.

    The one word that spoke to me so clearly is OFFER. I love the point you made that He has the rest … He does the drawing and it is up to me to do the offering. Love it!

    Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi! Thank you for checking out my blog. I’m just now trying to write out and share my thoughts and share my love for The One. I’m very happy to know that someone out there is listening.

      • Definitely! And always know, the right person will hear at the right time. You may never know because all people don’t comment – I was moved to do so and maybe you just needed that small bit of encouragement to keep on writing and sharing. It’s not in vain.

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