Jesus flips tables in His temple

As the story (Matthew 21:13) goes, Jesus entered the temple courts and started flipping tables.  Yes, a sweet and loving Jesus tossed furniture.  He did not lose his temper.  He defended his house, which was supposed to be a house of prayer.  But people had come to set up shop and profit from the thousands of people who entered the temple every single day.  They were selling doves, exchanging money for foreigners, etc.  The temple had become a swap meet.  It was probably uncomfortable, if not impossible, to worship God at the temple without spending any money.  People showed up with animals to offer to God as a sacrifice only for a priest to tell them their sacrifice was flawed or blemished and they would have to buy a pre-approved sacrifice from the guy outside who happens to have plenty. 

To help illustrate this for you, think of coming home from work early and catching your spouse in the act of committing adultery in your bed.  Plus, your house is filled with people strange people walking around, watching your TV, eating your food, barbecuing on your grill in your back yard.  You find your kids locked in one of the bedrooms crying because they’re hungry but they can’t eat because some guy keeps telling them to go play in their room.  They wanted to call you but they couldn’t use the phone because some girl has been on it for at least two hours.  Your house has been opened up to strangers- not for the sake of hospitality or grace or charity or generosity, but for mayhem and disrespect and lust.  Would you try to ‘nice’ your way out of this situation?  As head of household, not only is it your duty to kick everybody out, it is a MUST that you lay down the law and put an immediate end to the party.  As a Christian, it is your responsibility to provide for the children entrusted to your care and protect them.  After all, who respects a king who can’t defend his own castle?  Jesus only did what any father would have done.

Since Jesus was crucified and ressurected, we have direct access to Him at any time, for any reason, for FREE!  (Though many churches are still making serious dough by peddling so-called holy water and anointed pieces of cloth, we are not forced to buy it.)  Jesus lives in us.  We are his temples.  We were bought at a price and our bodies are to be used for the glory of God.  So when we misuse our bodies or use our bodies to hurt someone else we are defiling the name of Jesus and casting a bad light on Christianity.  Here we are cussing, spending money we don’t have, cheating, lying and stealing; all while claiming to be Christians.  The world has to overcome many obstacles in the church just to meet the real Christ and not his representative in the $2,000 suit surrounded by an entourage.  With Christ in our hearts we sin.  And I don’t mean the sin that we fall into, I mean the sin that we give in to.  Like living unmarried with your boyfriend when you know it’s wrong.  Like making ends meet by selling porn movies on the side.  Like having an affair while serving as a minister of youth at church.

Keep it up. 

Jesus will flip your tables.


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