cycle of the weak-willed woman.

The weak-willed woman is described in 2 Timothy 3:7 as “always learning but never able to acknowledge the truth”.  And I think of the women in my family.

There is a cycle of children born out of wedlock and single-motherhood in my family.  Of course under that umbrella are fornication, promiscuity, lust, etc.  My great-grandmother bore my grandmother out of wedlock and left her to be raised by random family members.  Her father was not a part of her life, though she knew who he was.  My grandmother was married when she had my mother but later divorced.  Her father dropped out of her life.  I myself was born to a married couple (not the norm in my family at that time) but there was violence in the marriage.  My mother unfortunately coped by having a long affair with a convicted drug dealer.  When she got pregnant with me she wasn’t sure if her husband or her lover was the father.  Soon after I was born my mother knew I was her husband’s baby because I look exactly like him, but by this time her lover was emotionally invested in the idea of becoming a father.  He had spent tons of money on baby clothes and equipment.  He had told his family that he had a baby on the way.  Rather than tell him the truth my mother decided to cover her sins with a lie. She chose to tell both men that they were my father.  She also chose to tell me that I had 2 fathers.  That messed me up as a kid because I couldn’t understand how that worked.  In the meantime, my real father (the husband) had left my mother and started a new life elsewhere.  My mom’s lover became the only father I knew and had.

My mom was the picture of the weak-willed woman from 2 Timothy.  Always learning: she knew the negative family history and the impact that poor choices regarding sex had made on our family; but never able to acknowledge the truth: she was unable to see that she was setting me up to have a lonely childhood without my father, like she had.  The Bible talks about men who specifically target these types of women.  Why? Because these men know that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in a lot of cases.  There are always exceptions ( I am one). 

And so, as a woman I pray that all my sisters in Christ will value their hearts and their bodies more and more each day and receive the gift of discernment.


2 thoughts on “cycle of the weak-willed woman.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the read. I’m just starting to map out these dangerous patterns in my family so I can break these cycles. Hopefully this helps someone else as much as it helps me.

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